Soul Coaching – A 28 Day Journey


Today I committed to a 28 day journey to discovering the real me. 

Does that sound strange coming from a Life Coach?

Not really – at least it shouldn’t, because it was through a journey – my own personal journey of discovery that my career as a life coach began and Celestial Life Coaching was born.

I totally heart all things that involve; self -discovery, personal development and learning about myself with uber passion! So when I feel that itchy feeling that I tend to quite often, you know the type of feeling when you feel that there “something” you can do to develop yourself in some way –  be it buying a new cookery book to learn some new recipes, taking a new class at the gym to boost your fitness, or like me, trying a different or sometimes familiar method of finding the self.

Well, quite a while ago I was browsing Amazing Amazon for new oracle cards and came across Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching deck – then I discovered she had a book by the same name too – being the oracle card goddess that I am and the humongous book worm from birth I ordered it and the nice Mr Postie Man delivered (rather like the Universe- though somewhat arguably quicker – in some cases). 😀


images (5)


The reason I loved this method was that it really gets to your soul and it’s like a huge spring clean for the soul! Only deeper! Imagine that!

So, yes, as part of a group (Soul Path Tribe) that I have belonged to since late October early November 2012 on Facebook created by my friend and  Soul Coach: Lyn Thurman, we are all taking the 28 day journey together.


I get a huge buzz from Soul Discovery ever since I had counselling for my failed abusive relationship, and the reason being is because I associate “Finding yourself” with coming alive and finding FREEDOM. I linked a negative experience to a super positive experience, emotion and action. Pain to Pleasure.


Purification PleasureEmerging












Don’t get me wrong, I know what’s coming from these 28 days in one respect from my past experience, but I also know that I will make major revelations, have lots of Divine Intervention, and also some major clearing work ahead of me. It’s exciting to see how much I grow through this journey and I would actually recommend that if you “DO THE WORK” at least once a year (if not twice) you will experience some MAJOR shifts. My personal growth as a person, as a daughter, a friend, and a Life Coach will grow from following this 28 Day Journey and that’s motivation enough right? 🙂


Why am I going on a Soul Journey when I’m a Life Coach?

Simple answer really. Because I am human, I am here to grow spiritually, intellectually, mentally, emotionally. I’m here to discover who I am, who I have been and who I can be. Just like you. You will be pleased to discover that Life Coaches are no different to the average Maria or Dominic you walk past every day of your life. We just know in a SMART way WHEN to take stock, HOW to take stock, and then HOW to fill ourselves up with LOVE. That’s why we’re here to help you! I also just want to do something for ME and MY Soul this coming month. We have Mother’s Day approaching here in the UK and for many women like me – Non-Mothers, we tend to neglect ourselves not realising that we are Potential Mother’s in Waiting so to speak, and we are the Mother’s to our Inner Child, and the Mother of our Dreams. So as well as celebrating Mother’s Day and my Mum’s Birthday in March, I will find time each day, 10 minutes or so to celebrate me.


So if you have the book, why not join in? You can hook up with a friend and do it, or you can do it alone – and you can always email me or message me here on this BLOG post for support and/or my Facebook Page (Link is at the top side of the blog).

You can of course join my Soul Coach, Lyn Thurman‘s Soul Path Tribe  and take part in the journey there. Details on her website (Click on the Icons)



I will update you soon regarding Week 1 and let you peek into my Soul Coaching Journey

Tell me; Have you ever followed a journey like this yourself? or maybe something different? Did it work? if it didn’t what made it funky for you and blocked you? COMMENT BELOW



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One comment on “Soul Coaching – A 28 Day Journey
  1. Lyn Thurman says:

    This is such a lovely post, Dawn. You bring up a really valid point that coaches who care, care for themselves too. You can’t give to clients continuously without topping yourself up so you can be the best you can 🙂

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