Sizzling Little Secret


Are You Hot? Ready to be a Fire Starter? Let’s GO!

I have a *Sizzling Little Secret* … and that is FIRE STARTER SESSIONS ~  A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on your own Terms by Danielle LaPorte!

I’ve been busy this week turning my home into the luscious sanctuary every Fire Starting Goddess deserves –  one that floats my boat and rocks my world! Part of the renovation meant that I had to be a goddess with power tools (imagine me looking gorgeous with a power drill in my hand) and put together a brand spanking new book case to be home to all my Book Babies! Whilst doing that i had to transfer all my books from one book case to the new one  and I came across my Sizzling Little Secret other wise known as the B.O.B (Big Orange Book) – just on a side note B.O.B = great acronym  for a Fire Starting Goddess. Why? Because EVERY Fire Starter needs a B.O.B in their life 😀

Anyway, I came across B.O.B and thought – Girl it’s time to share the secret of your confidence injection with the gorgeous Lady Aphrodite Goddesses (and handsome Greek Adonis style Gods) at Celestial Life Coaching. So here I am. Sat here on Friday, the day governed by Venus, Goddess of Love (passionate & sensual) for self and others firing off my review of what I can only say is a LIFE CHANGING book!

This book came out in the UK in April 2012 and has left a trail blazing glow in it’s path since then!


So I got excited about sharing with you  Danielle LaPorte passionately written guide to kicking butt and living life how you want to! Seriously, she is RAW, PASSIONATE, DIVINE and doesn’t take any B.S. We as women need to be more like her and take a leaf out of her book and just damn well live life how we want to, on our terms and don’t care what anyone says you can or can do, what you can or should feel or what you shouldn’t dream of doing – if it makes your heart do cartwheels and set’s your soul on fire – get off your backside and DO IT ALREADY!

The book contains 16 sessions – now you can either take them day by day, or week by week or how ever you want to. I personally did it Day by Day at first when I first got handed it over the fence by the Postie-Man that delivers all my gorgeous magick and Goddess Gifts (we have convos about crystals and what I have ordered etc – great guy!) I worked through the sessions and all the activities (at the end of each session/chapter) and it really kicked my butt into shape (Yoga does it for you too!)


Then I came back to the book a couple of months later and started to do some of the sessions for a week and some for a day. I tended to focus on the session I need at the time and use my meditation time, to contemplate what my Inner Fire Starter wants me to show up for/with. There is nothing quite like Om~Chanting your way through a Fire Starter Question that’s blazing your mind for attention!

It’s Law of Attraction with Action for a Kick Ass kinda Goddess Lady (or Greek Adonis style Guy)! You realise that

“whatever is on your plate is there because you said YES to it!”

and then you think Holy Sh*t I need to change that – “Right OK Universe – i’m blazing hot and ready to go – so I say we take a detour through (insert experience) and gain (Skill/knowledge/Emotions/etc) there, before we head off to the real FIRE PIT (Your overall goal of the LIFE you want). You learn to stand up and stop being a doormat and a people pleaser and you start PLEASING YOURSELF with Divine gorgeousness!

truthbomb-81 truthbomb-63truthbomb-93

People around you will notice a huge shift in your confidence, your happiness, your joy, your doormat no longer available-ness, and they will sit up and should be doing cartwheels as they see you suddenly being a freedom seeker instead of playing it safe, they’ll be proud that you’re a fear tamer. But if not, if they suddenly say

“Hey, you’ve changed – you don’t seem to care about me anymore” (classic story from fear friendies & Safe players)

you just have to stand on your Fire of Coals and say,

“Girl, I do care about you, you know I dig our friendship – but I dig me more and I care about me more”.

If they stick around SUPER FLAMES of JOY & PASSION to you! If not – don;t let put your fire out – fire it up and get hot on the trail of your life on your terms!

So if you’re still wondering about whether to hit the BUY button – let me give you some things I’ve learnt from this book;

  • I can go after my dreams that float my boat and fire my rocket into space 
  • I CAN achieve those dreams
  • I only have to focus on what I want and not care what others want me to do/be/ have -this is MY life
  • I can get extremely excited about my fiery passions and stay extremely excited
  • Being my true self is the key to my success
  • I am the expert on me
  • If I respect myself so will the world
  • If I study myself I grow, I learn more and I can become even more awesome
  • Success is defined by ME on MY terms in MY life

Now I totally want to try THE DESIRE MAP by Danielle LaPorte because if this transformation comes from Fire Starter Sessions, I can only imagine the divine awesomeness that I could gain from The Desire Map – Universe that’s where we’re heading next 😀  


Wanna learn all these things and MORE? Then you need to head over to HAY HOUSE (my fave Publishers) and hit the ADD TO BASKET button 

Fire Starter Session by Danielle LaPorte

Published by Hay House 

RRP : £12.99 Hay House Price £10.39

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3 comments on “Sizzling Little Secret
  1. Linda Ursin says:

    I hit that buy button a while ago, and it was a great read. I’m going to go through it again and again. It hits a different nerve every time.

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