Spiritual Check-In


Hey gorgeous people!
This blog is very laid back today, no strict guides on how to meet a goal, or what “THE” thing is to do if you want success – It’s about simply being YOU and having a relaxed chat. Why? Because going for Goal’s 24.7 365 days a year can be pretty tiring and being tired gives you bagsies under your eyesies and Celestial Life Coaching is ALL about being Happy, Healthy and Hot – yes ladies we can so do that as well as Raising our Standards and expecting miracles!
How are you? (grabs cuppa and sits in lotus position waiting to hear all your fantabulous news!)
WOW! That’s awesome! I am so happy for all the good stuff in your life right now!
We’ll as you know I’m busy rocking my style over at my coaching page on facebook  http://facebook.com/CelestialLifeCoaching , really amping up my biz and enjoying the twists, turns and cartwheels that occur there – not to mention the fan-dabby-doozy-ness of Miracles that occur in my life right now. I kid you not that I experienced 8 miracles in 3 hours!!!
Any way, I’ve also been spending time OM~ing with my Inner Guru to discover what spiritual love really rocks my chakras right now and I’ve discovered that i’m experiencing a re-birthing of all things Crystal, Chakra and Angel related! Seriously, it’s been too long since I gave a damn about my whizzing chakras and felt such bliss at the thought of “ANGELS” but it’s back!
So, I decided that to embrace the NEW fantabulous me I should celebrate by starting a NEW crystal collection. All my other crystals I will display nicely in a cutesy fish bowl and drop a couple of floating candles in there to amplify there power.
Yesterday I actually completed the goal I set for myself by kick starting my new collection with 11 new crystals – basic ones but heck – why over complicate things?
So I have new shiny energy rocking babies that are currently being cleansed and empowered in Mother Nature. Do you collect crystals? When did you start collecting? What’s your fave Crystal Baby to work with?  COMMENT below – I Love chatting with you  _Gush_
Do you want to know what else has been rocking my inner goddess guru? YOGA!!
I used to stretch my soul with Yoga quite regularly once but I dropped out of it and gained weight (Which I am so pleased to say that I have lost 3 stone of it now – WOOHOO go ME!!!), but I rolled out the Yoga Mat and pressed “play” on the YOGA DVD and I did 75 mins of pure blissful goddess yoga. I freekin’ LOVED it and it loved me right back. That’s the thing with life – Love it and it will Love you right back regardless of your shape, size or age! Rock your Yogi Goddess!
So I have a few fave poses which I shared with my Friendies on Facebook;
Warrior Pose (Great to boost your confidence and Power up your day when done to greet the Sun)
Tree Pose (Super cool at helping you find balance)
Cobra (kinda my go to pose for YEARS – Set’s my back into good
shape and it’s easy for gaining flexibilty)
A practice that I’ve really become addicted to is OM~Chanting
I find that it calms me, centers me, and grounds me in a awesome way! I found myself getting slightly stressed yesterday on a phone call and said to the guy who was spinning my chakras the wrong way “Sorry hun, but you are freekin’ stressing me out – give me 10 mins I need to OM~Chant myself in prep for talking with you”
So I did my thing regardless of what a freak he may have thought I was because to be perfectly honest – my Inner Bliss, My Inner Goddess Guru, My Inner WowNess deserves LOVE and plenty of it.
So LOVE on yourself BIG time Gorgeous!
Don’t forget to comment below and let me know what you do to Check-In with yourself Spiritually!
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