Gastric Mind Band : Book Review

with Fiona Graham 
Published by Hay House UK 

Gastric Mind Band is a very in depth and eye opening book that really makes you think about food, diet and weight loss more thoughtfully. Martin and Marion Shirran run their own clinic in Spain and are both trained hypnotherapists, so they know what they are talking about given their wide coverage in the media, and the extensive case studies of people who have used this therapy to combat their weight and diet demons.

Gastric Mind Band Therapy doesn’t restrict what you can eat, or when you can eat it. You simply have to eat what you like but you have to STOP when you are full, and ONLY eat when you are hungry. GmBand Therapy really makes you sit up, and take responsibility for what you put in your mouth.

This book will give you the tools to learn;

* how to use the GmB mental Pause Button to freeze time and save you from yourself
* about the dieting ‘conspiracy’ that’s been keeping you feeling helpless and stuck
* how to have the level of motivation and control around food that you’ve been longing for
* how to harness the power of the subconscious mind. 

I called upon my lovely Mum to test drive GmBand Therapy for the purposes of this review as I wanted a person who was open to the method, but who was so honest she would admit if it was a load of rubbish. Here is my Mum’s testimonial of the book and the therapy that is; Gastric Mind Band Therapy. 

I found this book very eye-opening especially about what the actual Gastric Band operation details,  so much so that I actually found myself repulsed at having the operation myself. I started to notice my eating habits change whilst I was reading the book. I even imagined myself having the Gastric Mind Band fitted whilst continuing to read. I spent time thinking about what I could spend the £10,000 on that it would have cost me had I had the actual band surgery, which was rather enjoyable mentally spending that amount of money whilst having in the back of your mind the fact that it hadn’t cost me a thing – only time to visualise.   I was automatically putting less food on a plate and even downsized to using a small section of a side dinner plate, but I still found myself leaving food on the plate as I was feeling full. In 10 days I lost 12lb and i’m still losing now. I feel fantastic! I’m actually getting the help I need (from reading this book and the case studies on the author’s website) to help me lose weight. I still have a way to go and I feel hopeful of reaching my target by July. 

Well, there you go! Not my testimonial telling you how great this book is and the method but my Mum! I have to say from an outsiders point of view, seeing the difference in my Mum has been thrilling! I have been there when she weighed herself and saw the sheer joy at a 12lb weight loss over 10 days! I’m there on a daily basis seeing her confidence grow, meal choices change and determination to succeed. The most “crazy” observation I made was when she used a small side dinner plate for a Sunday dinner and left food on the plate!!

So if you have weight to lose what are you waiting for? Head on over to Hay House UK andpurchase the book that will change your eating habits for life without having risky surgery!

Martin and Marion have also written Pause Button Therapy which would work well with this book. I am currently reading it, so expect a review soon! 

I’m off to read the book myself now to see how much I can lose in weight.


Gastric Mind Band by Martin and Marion Shirran

with Fiona Graham 

Published by Hay House UK 
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