Life Changing Words of Love (Part 3)

Hopefully by now you have learnt how to stand up to your EGO and simply acknowledge it’s presence, but you will hopefully also have learnt how to quieten it’s voice internally. By doing this you should have found more opportunities to speak more loving to yourself, within yourself and about yourself.


Stick with this and I promise that with practice you will see a positive change within your own life.

Now that you are feeling much more in control of your life and feeling happier, thinking happy thoughts and starting to enjoy life, you may have noticed areas in your life that simply don’t make you happy. This might mean that you’ve realised your job doesn’t make you happy, or your relationship is no longer full of passion, or perhaps you really do think your whole style needs a make-over. This generally does happen as we create a shattering of illusions, where everything we have ever known begins to fall apart.

Many of us immediately and perhaps subconsciously react to this shattering of our illusions by trying to hysterically hold onto everything around us and panic about what we are losing. I’ve done this in the past myself. But over time, I’ve learnt to truly take a risk, let go of my EGO’s need to control everything and Let God guide me. It wasn’t easy to begin with, but now whenever I find my life shattering illusions, I actually look forward to them. Before you think I am *crazy*, let me explain.

When I look forward to these shattering of illusions, it means many things to me, one of them being that I am changing. I can either embrace this change or kick, stamp and scream my way through this part of my life path like a petulant toddler or I can be the grown up spiritual peaceful warrior (not WORRIER) that the God Force intended me to be and see WHY my illusions need to be shattered.
There is always a reason for everything that happens in your life! 

Nothing happens for no reason, we attract to us what we need, what we want and what we desire in order to grow and be happier people. When a situation shows up and it’s crappy, instead of thinking, “Hang on, I don’t want this, give me back my romance, give me back my £100s of pounds, give me back my clothes/shoes/friends/books/ etc” and then go around trying to cling on to them for dear life. It doesn’t work. Not in a consistently or continuous way that will benefit you at all.

Instead, you  should say to yourself, “OK it appears to me that ……(fill in the blank)….. is happening right now in my life. That is OK, because for this to happen, it means that I am ready to change and improve my life. Now this illusion is being shattered, there will be room for….(peace/love/joy/happiness/fresh exciting work opportunities/opportunities to talk about my feelings with my loved one/friends).

You begin your self talk with the three words “Appears to be”, this is specifically the chosen words I set out for you because it immediately doesn’t try to tell yourself something that is untrue. It doesn’t say that the situation IS or ISN’T happening, it simply states that it APPEARS TO be happening. Which is what is happening in truth. We each see situations differently and that is down to a psychological perceptions that tie in with the schemas (groups of memories of likeness) that we have been using, and adding to over our whole entire life.

In order to change your circumstance, you first need to change your perception of it


Changing the way your perception of the situation that is causing the stripping of your illusions is the key to becoming more peaceful with yourself, happier and more able to love yourself as you are. When you follow the above guidance of choosing how to IN-teract with your circumstance rather than RE -act to it, you take your EGO out of the situation and approach it with Love.

When you chose to IN-teract with a situation, you chose to examine from within, and when you examine from within, you examine with Love.

I have worked with this method myself over lots of situations, some that have included a shattering of friendship illusions, career illusions, body image illusions, and more. In each instance, the first time you use *The Self Love Method* (as discussed in it’s entirety over the 3 consecutive blog posts), it feels as though you are actively taking control of your life. For me it took a few uses, perhaps a weeks worth (if done every day) of using this method, to actually re-train my own brain, to INteract with the illusions as they are shattered, to actually think, “This is OK, It’s happening because I am ready for something better to occur in my life experience”.
Now, although I am finding at the moment that any seemingly negative situation can be rectified with my *Self Love Method*, I have to admit that I do tend to get excited when I realise that this situation is a shattering of illusions. Before I would have perhaps cried and had a complete melt-down, but now, these situations have no hold over me at all. They don’t even really so much as GRAB my attention like they used to. They are now nothing more than a mere observation whereby I say, “Oh, you’re an illusion and you are being shattered!! You are being shattered from my life because It’s time for me to become even happier, even healthier, even more in control of my own destiny! BRING IT ON!!!” And that statement comes from my heart and not my EGO, so there is no selfishness, no jealousy, no cockiness in the tone in which that Self Talk comes from.

When you reach this stage, and you will, – You will have mastered a magnificent way to use Words of Love within yourself, about yourself, and to yourself.

The key to remember whilst you practice this method (and you can print out the three blog posts, write down the main key points, copy selected sentences from the blog post into your journal etc to remind you), is that“Nothing in your life that comes across as negative is worthy of dripping and oozing from you and all over you, ruining your life. The only way you deserve to be dripping and oozing is with Self Love, which is the Love of the God Force”



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