Affirmations ~ How to Make them Work for You


In the swift movement that we have made globally to decide that we really want to better our lives and make positive changes, affirmations have become the go-to-tool that we are reaching for. It’s appeals include; the fact that no-one will know that we are using them, they are short, sharp and snappy – making them memorable, and are generally empowering to us.

The use of affirmations can at times become obsessive and nothing that becomes obsessive is healthy. Post-it notes of our new thought pattern designs become plastered across our mirrors, cupboards, fridges, car dashboards,  and with technology developing daily, we are using our new gadgets to help us keep up the pace (or rather increase the pace) of affirmational use.


But just as thousands if not millions of people swear by the use of this life changing tool, just as many often remark that they are not working. So why do they appear to work for some and not for others?

Let’s take it back to the beginning.

Affirmations are positive statements that are a training tool for our mind. They assist us in making a transition from a somewhat negative mindset to a more positive and successful one. Affirmations are also used to change belief patterns. And it’s our belief patterns that determine whether or not affirmations are successful for us or not. What you believe about affirmations has a huge impact on their success rating for you.

Many people say that when they begin their practical use of affirmations they feel they have failed when they forget to think positively or they recognise and realise that they had a negative thought. Sometimes this is all that is needed to put a block on our ability to use affirmations to change our lives. We give up saying “affirmations don’t work – I tried it and I still had negative thoughts, and look my life is no different. they are a waste of time!” Whose ever had that thought once in their life? hands up! Then we have a belief pattern for life about affirmations UNLESS we make the decision to change our mindset.

When you have a positive belief pattern you have a stronger opportunity to create success in your life. Many believe that through the use of affirmations you can actually change your thoughts so much that you can control the thoughts that enter your mind. This means that they believe that they have a choice in whether or not the thoughts that enter their mind are positive or negative.


Whilst one can argue that with all the teachings based on The Law of Attraction that if this is what one believes then it will become a reality, I step in with a much more realistic view on this.

You can’t control WHAT thoughts enter your mind, however you CAN control which thoughts you focus on and dwell on. 

What thoughts you dwell on gain power as your feelings switch on automatically as you focus your concentration on a thought. Automatically your mind begins to question how you feel about that thought, and this is when we have those feelings of excitement, dread, hopefulness and optimism and also fear and lack.

So my advice to you would be to quit trying to choose your thoughts consciously, allow your mind to just be. When a thought pops in your head and it feels funky, let it go with an affirmation which can be as simple as on of the following; “I am willing to see this differently.” , “I am choosing love over fear.” , “I choose to let this thought go. I replace it with….”.

Trying to change your brain mechanisms to the extent of removing ALL negative thoughts will set you up for failure.  Acknowledge that you are human, you have good and bad thoughts as we all do, but choose to only DWELL on the good ones, THEN enhance them with an affirmation – that’s the key to making affirmations work.


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2 comments on “Affirmations ~ How to Make them Work for You
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  2. Hi Mercedes,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. You brought a smile to my face, so thank you for spreading the miracle of love to me 🙂

    I would be most interested in your Facebook Group and even hearing about the feedback you get from your group regarding this post. Did you know that I am on facebook too? 🙂

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    Needless to say, I would be incredibly grateful to you for your support of my endeavors here at Celestial Life Coaching

    Dawn x

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