Clear and Cleanse with the Angels


This time of the year we spend so much time thinking about our physical self by upping our efforts at the gym and eating healthily which is fantastic! But after spending so much time at home over the festive period, we tend to want to get out and about and spend less time at home right now. However if you wan to move forward in your life, your awareness of your home needs to be heightened right now if you are to succeed.

Many of us allocate a weekend to spring clean our homes, but why wait until that ‘weekend’ we have marked in our diaries? Why not be super organised this year and start now, with one tiny corner of your home every weekend?


Above is a chart known as a Bagua chart in Feng Shui. Now I’m no feng shui practitioner or even remotely an expert, but I do know that after I applied these principles in my home, I experienced massive shifts and found more clarity in my mind and life.

As I mentioned, I’m no expert, so I called upon the help of the Angels to help me out. In fact there is a pretty awesome Archangel that is known as a Feng Shui Angel and really helps when we want to clear clutter mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically. She is known as Archangel Jophiel (pictured at the start of this post).

Archangel Jophiel is a beautiful angel to work with when you need help with organising your life. This can be your work place, your home life, personal life, setting and achieving your goals and even help with your decorating.  Jophiel’s radiant Fushia Pink aura will fill your heart and life with love and upliftment. I have been working very closely with this Archangel of late and my life has *dramatically* changed for the better. What I particularly like about Jophiels energy is that if you’re like me you want change, positive change but you don’t want the upheaval that sometimes comes with it. Jophiels energy has been gentle yet profound. I can literally say that right  now my life is a whole lot dfifferent from this time 2 weeks ago. Its positive, radsiant, goal-set and goal-achieving. I feel more at peace, more in love with life, I can say I love myself without it coming from my ego. She has worked a miracle on me.

Are you willing to let Archangel Jophiel create miracles in your life?


I am also proud to announce that I am currently featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine (UK) with my Fear Busting Masterclass ~ “Get the Life You Want” (as featured on the cover).

Soul and Spirit 2013 february FEAR


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One comment on “Clear and Cleanse with the Angels
  1. Kourtney says:

    This totally something I can get behind! It only makes sense, and I as see myself moving into 2013 I know that it is something I’ve already started to make some of these changes.

    Thank you for linking up to Pagan Pages Blog Hop!

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