May Cause Miracles ~ Week 1 Review

*May Cause Miracles* ~ 2013 is the year of Miracles
Wow! What a week full of miracles! 
I have been following the daily practice from “May Cause Miracles” by Gabrielle Bernstein for a week now and I can say that I feel more in control of acknowledging my fears and seeing them for what they truly are – spiritual assignments. 
Over the past few months since my relationship break-down I have had to face up to a lot of fear based funky stuff and at times I’ve thought; ‘OK fear. You have me. I give up.’ But then I’d encounter a miracle, a change in perception, and see that this fear was all coming from my EGO mind and not my ~ing (Inner Guide) or what I’ve come to call my H.I.N.G.E (Higher Intuitive Nurturing Guiding Expression) of Love. So I would pick myself back up and dust myself off and work hard on myself to get my place of peace back within my being. 
So this week’s practice from “May Cause Miracles” wasn’t new to me, it just pushed me further past my fears to a point where I now acknowledge them but the am able to say,
“This is not real. It’s not Love. Therefore it’s not Love and it’s not real, I don’t need to give all of my attention to an illusion.”
Now once I’ve acknowledged the Fear and talked it down off it’s power pedestal and put Love back on top I forgive myself for allowing Fear to even reach the pedestal. 
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not 100% fear-less now, I still even today get the funky fear come up but I’m much better equipped with how to deal with it in a loving way. My understanding of fear has developed too which has drastically helped with my practice as a Life Coach.

So there is my MIRACLE. My shift in perception. I totally believe in Miracles!

Check back in with me next week to Read my review of week 2 

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