*May Cause Miracles* ~ 2013 is the year of Miracles

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Hi everyone! Happy New Year!!
This is my very first blog post of 2013 where I get to just chat with you about my hopes and dreams for 2013 and how I plan on being of service to you and the world. My main target this year is to help you all improve your lives through my Celestial Life Coaching practice, my writing, and through my work as a spiritual teacher/motivational teacher. One way I intend on developing my self is taking my practice with A Course in Miracles up a notch or two!
So let me tell you all about this amazing book I am diggin’ right now in this FIRST EVER FOR ME ~ PRE-BOOK REVIEW (I told you 2013 is all about Change!) This year is all about MIRACLES!!
I have been sent “May Cause Miracles” by Gabrielle Bernstein from Hay House UK to read and review, which I am super psyched about because is one of my Ultimate Inspirations! She is being for everyone what this world needs – happy, motivating, inspirational, thought-provoking, life changing and enthusiastic. She is a Miracle Worker! I have so much LOVE for her!
So, back to the book. It is a 42 day – 6 week program where each day you work on yourself, you give yourself some Self LOVE, some Self FORGIVENESS (F-Word), and you make that decision to choose love over fear by being willing to see things differently.
I don’t have to read this book to tell you that it will change your life because I KNOW it will – It ‘May Cause Miracles’ in your life! How do I know this? Because not only is Gabby a rockin’ spiritual teacher who has been likened to a spiritual guru version of my favourite muse – Ms Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and the City),  she is an avid student, teacher and practitioner of the life changing spiritual text; A Course in Miracles and you all know how LOVED up on that text I am!
Gabby has written “May Cause Miracles” based on the daily practices of A Course in Miracles (Available from the Foundation of Inner Peace), and added her own “Miracle Mindset” and awesomeness to the daily practices! If you’ve never read any of Gabby’s books before then what better way to introduce yourself to her work and the healing work of A Course in Miracles than to read this book?
Now I have read Gabby’s other books; “Add more ~ing to your Life” and “Spirit Junkie” which are also based on healing your own life through using the outlines in A Course in Miracles and I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE her work! I would recommend ALL her work – I really would!
So, there is a little about the book – Go and purchase it from Hay House UK right now (Which at the time of writing this is actually cheaper than Amazon), by following the links under the book picture at the top!
Keep reading if you want to read about coming along with me on my journey of *May Cause Miracles*
Now, I want to share with you my 40 day practice of *May Cause Miracles*
I am going to (try!) and share with you all my journey to a *Miracle Mindset*
DAY 1 
So, Day 1, today, and for the morning activity I became aware from the reading that I needed to be willing to face my fears and see them for what they are – EGO driven illusions.
I sat in meditation this morning and literally got my ~ing on as I allowed myself to acknowledge that by using my affirmation ~ “I am willing to witness my fear”  I could change how I perceive things!
Now in all honesty, this wasn’t a new concept to me because like I said before, I’m not new to gabby’s work or in fact to A Course in Miracles so I have used this “Miracle Minded Affirmation” to help me heal some pretty grotty stuff such as my recent abusive relationship.I used the following affirmation to stop feeling so scared of life and feeling guilty about actually wanting to follow my dreams;
“I am willing to witness my fear. I am willing to choose love over fear” 
So, today I made sure that I used my affirmation, and took a mental note of how I see fear and in what areas of my life so that I can actually work on those areas by releasing fear and choosing love. I also have written in my *Journal of Miracles* how I feel exactly in that moment when fear rears its ugly head.
I’m looking forward to going into my meditation space to reflect upon Day 1 and know that with time these fears from my ego will be transformed into love and miracles.
Keep checking back as often as you can to follow my Journey on the 42 days of *May Cause Miracles* and of course at the end the FULL Book Review of this book!
Published by Hay House
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