Smart Growing in 2013




Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2013 – The Year Where Dreams Come True

I wondered what I could talk to you about for the first post tutorial of 2013 here at Celestial Life Coaching and I just knew how much talk there was at the end of 2012 about Soul Growth, it was then that I realised that it was time for Personal Growth in 2013.

So, let’s get G.R.O.W. ~ing for 2013!

Have you decided what you want to achieve this year? Have you got things that you started in 2012 but need to finish them? Or maybe you want to head in a whole new direction. Take some time to really think about your goals you want to achieve this year. I’m not a huge fan of the word ‘goals’ but I am a immense fan of the word “Standards”. Why? ‘Standards’ set a whole New Height for making your dreams a reality, ‘Goals’ imply something way off in the future, perhaps unattainable. Here at Celestial Life Coaching we believe EVERYTHING is attainable if we set the right standard for ourselves.

To G.R.O.W we need to get S.M.A.R.T!

But first let me explain those acronyms to you as they can be a little daunting to a Self-Help newcomer.

G.R.O.W is an acronym that stands for; Goal, Reality, Options, Will


S.M.A.R.T is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Action-Orientated, Realistic, Time-Specific


Now let’s look at the G.R.O.W model to help you this year.

Firstly you need to decide on a Goal that you want to set for yourself – what standard of living do you want to achieve this year? Do you want to lose weight? Study a course? Start that business? Get a promotion? Win a Contract deal? Achieve more wealth?  Find you Goal Standard and write it down.

Writing things down is powerful! It cements your desire into action!

Next you need to face Reality concerning your Goal Standard. So really write down the state you are currently in. By facing the reality of your life you create a start point. It’s not about getting depressed by looking at where you are now, it’s about finding that starting point that will propel you into your future. So how much do you weigh? What’s your current employment state? What’s in your bank account? What’s your current education? etc.

Then you must explore your Options. So now it’s play time. Let you mind go wild and literally note down every single idea you get that will help you achieve your Goal Standard. It doesn’t matter who silly the idea is, write it down – you never know what will come from it.

Finally, you need to exercise your Will. So that means going through your list of options and seeing which ones you WILL commit to. So that means being brutally honest with yourself. You might not be willing to commit to visiting the gym every day but you might be willing to visit twice a week to begin with. It’s about accepting the reality, and weighing up your options of your goals and then being strong enough and committed enough to exercise your will to achieve them.

Affirmation 1

Now we have our G.O.A.L we need to be S.M.A.R.T

So, when making your goals you just need to keep in mind 5 key components;

1.) Specific

2.) Measurable

3.) Action-Orientated

4.) Realistic

5.) Time-Specific

This means your Goal Standard/s need to be specific; so get clear about what you want, make them measurable; how can you access your success at achieving these goal standards – what can you measure your success by? Ensure they are action-orientated; are your goals something that you can do? Can you break it down into bite-sized chunks to achieve? Be Realistic; Accept your current life and all it gives you, and remember Rome was not built in a day, be gentle with yourself and praise yourself often, and lastly make them Time Specific; set yourself a deadline to achieve!

images (1)

Be S.M.A.R.T with your G.O.A.L

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    This is a great post to use at the start of a new year and when we want to assess our goals. Make your goals SMART and GROW with them!

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