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We are on a mission in our lives whether we call it a mission or journey or pathway is entirely up to us and our own individual preference. But what exactly is your mission? How can you define what it is that you do and who you are? You create yourself a little mission statement. (007 James Bond style is optional – but feel free to jazz it up if it motivates you)


What is a mission statement?

A mission statement is a small and simple series of sentences that tells everyone all about you in less that 30 seconds. So it has to be short, sharp, snappy and memorable… just like the headlines of the newspapers. A Mission statement helps you to define your key purpose in life/work/business/relationship. The best mission statements tend to be about 3-4 sentences long – but overcrowd it. Remember: SHORT – SHARP – SNAPPY – MEMORABLE


How do I write my Mission Statement?

Your mission statement should reveal 4 keys about you

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. What you stand for
  4. Why you do it

When writing your mission statement its helpful to think about it as if it’s a mixture between a slogan and an executive summary. You can gain inspiration by looking at other people’s mission statements but NEVER copy them. Why? Well, for one it’s immoral and not authentic, and you my diamonds are AUTHENTIC!

So use them for inspiration and to see how they are done and then have a go yourself.




How not to write a Mission Statement


OK, so that you know how NOT to write your mission statement, let me give you a example of a badly written mission statement.


Hi, I’m Mike and I am an ex-lorry driver who had to give up travelling the country due to a bad back and I now support my family by offering my services as a rent able- chauffeur.  I’ve always wanted to wear a nice suit to work everyday and now I get the chance. I really enjoyed being a lorry driver and do miss this, but being a chauffeur and driving you around is as good as it can get now because of my how bad my back is.


OK, so I want to cringe for that poor guy, Poor Mike. Not only has he written a really bad mission statement but he’s made me feel sorry for him and I feel his neediness for work. Such a work/business turn off. So, before Mike does himself a further injury, let’s write him a super effective Mission Statement.


Hey, I’m Mike. I’m an experienced driver who is accustomed to travelling the country at length and at short notice. I am a well presented gentleman who takes pride in my work as Rent able – Chauffeur. I believe in high standards in whatever you are doing and wherever you are going. Hence I provide a 5* service for you whilst I get to enjoy travelling the country as your driver.


OK, so let’s check our checklist.

Have we told people who Mike is?  Yes, We’ve told them his name (Making it personal and friendly).

Have we told people what Mike does?   Yes, we’ve told them that he is an experienced driver and chauffeur

Have we told people what he stands for? Yes, we’ve told them that he stands for high standards (implementing a vision of a top class service and cleanliness and professionalism)

Have we told people why Mike is a Chauffeur? Yes, We’ve told them how he enjoys travelling the country which implies that all routes and journeys are possible.


Now I don’t know about you but Mike *before* doesn’t inspire me much, but Mike *after* makes me want to contact him regarding prices, services, availability, and discuss the method of journey (ie: what car does he drive?)


So, now you’re hopefully feeling more inspired and full of ideas, go ahead, grab some paper and make sure you answer the 4 key questions. Let me know how you get on and why not post your mission statements underneath this post so we can all see just how fabulous you are!



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3 comments on “Mission Statements
  1. I found this website very great and I just wanna say thanks. I hope you keep up the great work!

  2. Great, actionable advice – thanks Dawn!

    Here’s my mission statement:

    Hi I’m Rowen and I’m a creative-aholic. I’m a singer, voice coach and actress. I enable people to achieve their creative goals with all of the energy and self-expression and none of the judgement and stress of other styles of learning. I have spent 10 years helping actors, voice over artists and musicians express themselves freely and accurately in their work. I am an experienced songwriter and performer with an album and lots of gigs under my belt. Songs, performances and films all have a magical element to them that enchants people and I love to not only do that with my own work but delight in seeing others learn to do the same.

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