De-cluttering the Mind


How many of you want to achieve success?

Do you want to feel more energetic?

Do you want to have more time to do what you love?

Would you like to be calm and in-control?

Does your mind feel cluttered, like you have way too much going on in there?

Do you know where to even begin? 

It’s time to de-clutter people!

That’s right! It’s time to throw out the garbage and only leave what’s necessary inside your mind.

So grab yourself a pen, some paper, and a nice cup of Chamomile tea – trust me you are going to need it.

Got them? Good! Let’s begin people – Woooo!

Take a moment to calm and centre yourself, repeat this mantra;

“I am calm, and in control. I am at peace with myself and the world”

Now, I want you to list EVERYTHING that you need to do! That’s right, EVERYTHING that needs to be done whether it’s ironing those bed sheets that you’ve been putting off, washing the car, booking that dental check-up, or booking that flight!

The list can go on and on and on ….. and on! It’s OK. Mine did too!

The point to this exercise is that you make time to write the never ending list of jobs that you feel need to be done out of your head and onto paper. At first they may look daunting, frightening… OK terrifying, but seriously, I find that when I write to do lists I work through them and find it much easier to order them in priority and let me tell you the best part. When you pick up the pen the next time and literally cross items off the list – wow it’s totally liberating and you feel so proud of yourself, with good reason might I add.

The next thing to do after writing your list is to read through them one by one and decide if there are any things which you could delegate to others – I mean, does it absolutely have to be You that takes the trash out every week? Does it have to be you that cleans the car? Etc, etc. These little tiny jobs are also very time consuming jobs, and as a successful woman (or man) your time is precious and is of high importance!

So if you can delegate to others, then delegate people!

How about anything that you now think upon reflection you could just completely remove from your list?  Is there anything that you could actually say F**k it to? if so, DO IT!  or as two of my favourite ladies say;

Next it’s time to write a new list. This is my favourite list and the one that I tend to enjoy a lot more, which I’m sure you will too.

Write down EVERYTHING that you’d love to spend your time doing.

For example; Take up yoga practice, meditate for 5 minutes a day, start a new hobby, learn a new skill, practice your cookery skills, take up Kick-boxing, etc etc.

You will find that you will spend more time thinking about your *Dream Time * list instead of your Chores list, and this in turn will spur you on to  quickly check off EVERYTHING on your cluttered mind list, and then you’ll have the time and energy to fully immerse yourself in your *Dream Time* List which by no coincidence will be your new *I’m living the life of my dreams* list.

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