Do you believe in Miracles?


I have been hearing the word miracle so often for the past few days, and more so today, on the US celebratory day of Thanksgiving. A coincidence? I think not. At a time where we are being taught the power of gratitude and giving thanks for all we have, many of us offer prayers for others to receive a miracle.

But what exactly is a miracle? 

It is said that a Miracle is an event attributed to Divine Intervention. I agree that Divine Intervention plays a part, but I believe miracles are so much more.

The text published by the Foundation for Inner Peace, A Course in Miracles states that;

“Miracles are habits”, “All miracles mean life”, “Miracles are Natural”,  “Miracles are healing” and that “Miracles are everyone’s right”. 


We use the word miracle such a lot perhaps without really understanding the meaning behind the word. I believe we receive a miracle once we have offered ourselves in prayer. Miracles are a communication in answer to our prayers. The best thing about miracles? They are not restricted for certain people or religions. You don’t even have to consider yourself spiritual or religious for miracles to occur. In fact to quote from ACIM again,

“Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong”

We describe people surviving horrible disasters as a “miracle”, we say that when a child is born, they are a “tiny miracle”, we even say in the heat of the moment when something is really bugging us and we don’t see a way our because our vision is flawed by fear, that the only way we see ourselves getting through this is if we had a miracle.

So many of us, myself included are guilty of saying “Please God, I need a miracle” and then leaving it at that. Filling ourselves with fear, worry, sadness, despair etc etc. What we forget to do is to find our inner guide, our inner God/Goddess and listen to them. If we listened we’d hear them reply, “Pray”.

Do you have to be religious to pray? No. Do you have to visit a church, synagogue, temple or mosque to pray? No. The God force, the energy that is who we are made in the likeness of is within us. We only have to speak to that inner guide, that inner  voice, that inner God/Goddess to find our “Miracle Maker”.
Does that mean that we are “Miracle Workers”? 

Yes, it most certainly does peeps. You are a magnificent, and loving Miracle Worker, and not in the sarcastic sense.

You are a powerful manifestor, you have all the power you need within yourself to create the life you dream of.



Everything around us is a miracle. The people, the trees, the air we breathe, the clothes we wear, the way we even communicate with each other is a miracle. It is said by Kabbalists that just owning a copy of the text; “The Zohar” and placing it somewhere in your house can cause miracles to occur. It is believed that the energy within the text is full of miracle making properties, and you don’t even have to ever open it, or read it for the energy to have an effect upon your life.

Do you believe in Miracles?

I do! I really believe in Miracles. My being able to use this platform to reach all of you in the USA, Australia, Croatia, Germany and so many more countries, to share with you my expression of love, of self love, to coach you to ‘raise your standards and make the decision to change’ is a miracle.

I believe miracles are “Expressions of Love” and I believe we are LOVE. We are an energy that cannot be created or destroyed. We are LOVE. You are LOVE. I am LOVE.

Repeat this affirmation;

“We are LOVE, You are LOVE, I am surrounded by LOVE, I am LOVE, therefore I deserve a Miracle.” ~ Aurora Brierley


What are your miracles? What are you thankful for? 


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