Creating the Perfect Home Office Space

In order to be successful in your work life it’s so important that you create the perfect work environment whether you are a self employed entrepreneur or you work for someone else. For the purposes of this feature I will be tailoring all my examples to the home office environment, but you can adapt and apply these techniques for any work environment. So let’s get down to business.


Now this picture above is my dream office place for all my paperwork, website maintaining, article/feature writing and email Life Coaching sessions. Of course the posing on the desk is purely optional, but it could be great fun!

On a serious note, what would be your perfect work environment at home? What would it look like? Think about the textures, colors, wall features, which room of the house would it be if you could choose? Would you have motivational books on show? How about positive affirmations to inspire you along the way? How about storage options? Really allow your mind to run wild, and sail quickly through these questions at first to allow you to fully visualize your perfect office space. Doing this allows you to come back later to each thought and imagery to assess and analyse if it’s truly possible (remember everything is possible if you can imagine it!)


If we are going to be spending time in this space to increase our profit, increase our wealth and run a company we have to ensure that the space motivates us. Personalisation is key. Personaise the space to YOUR tastes, use colour schemes that inspire you. Research says that the colour blue is tranquil and motivating, but maybe you don’t like that colour, so again research says perhaps yellow for confidence and clarity. But, again, you may not be a yellow person so what use is this research? Scrap it!

Look within and think about your favourite colours, what colour lifts you, what colour do you feel inspired by? Start from there to create a base for the interior. Next think about whether you’re a fan of wallpaper or paint? If you’re like me and like wallpaper, what would you deem too overpowering? Do you prefer dark or light shades?

It may sound a little over the top or perhaps time consuming, but I promise you when you pay attention to detail in your work environment, you pay attention to your work, and when you pay attention to the details of your work, your customers and clients notice and then they appreciate your time, your work and value you which in turn generates profit and profit is the standard we want to attain!  ~ Aurora Brierley

Think about the layout of your office space too, where can you position your desk and chair to not only maximize the space but to also create a space that inspires you. For some, you may have the opportunity to place your desk so that you can look directly out the window – this can either inspire or distract you so think about personal preference. Maybe you like the idea of placing your desk against a wall so that you can use the wall space to host your Pin Boards, Vision Boards or inspiring artwork. Or perhaps you would like to go with the feng shui principles and not have your back to the door, and instead have your desk facing into the room with your back to the wall for support and confidence?

The idea is that this space is your’s and should be home to the details that inspire, motivate, and help you focus on creating profit in your business.

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