Book Review ~ The 10 Second Philosophy by Derek Mills



The 10 Second Philosophy by Derek Mills ~ The Standards Guy



This book came to me at the perfect moment in my life. I thought it was all about how to make yourself clever which kind of makes me giggle now because it does SO much more than that. 


This book is literally the most worthwhile WAKE UP CALL anyone could ever have. The philosophy is so simple it literally hits you and you find yourself saying repeatedly “YES! of course.” 


This book had so much of an impact upon me that I contacted Derek Mills before I even started Chapter 3 and this is what I said; 


I’m about to start chapter 3 and already I feel so empowered, alive and in control of my life. I woke up today, set myself a standard and I’ve achieved it in less than 24 hours.

Already, I can recall a time in my life where I was living my TrueSelf, and I can totally see that at that time I was setting Standards for myself, not goals. That’s why I had a good life as a trainee accountant. But I began setting goals and my life began falling apart, and I lowered my standards believing that I didn’t deserve the happiness and success in life.

Reading the 10-Second Philosophy is already making a remarkable impact upon my mindset, my feelings about myself, and my life. Thank you.


I received a lovely reply that simply oozed his compassion and TrueSelf. Derek is not just “another author” making his mark with a Self Help title, Derek Mills IS a guy who turned his life into a Success by simply being his TrueSelf and in this book he shares everything with you, he truly shows you how you can do the same.


You can tell that this book is written with honesty as Derek made a very warm apology in the book to his wife and children for all the years that he wasn’t there for them they way he should have been or how he is now. Derek lives his philosophy and that is something that is clearly passed onto his children as you will read in the book.


This book teaches you to stop setting yourself Goals – and as a Life coach I can see how this might sound like madness, as we are constantly taught to set our self goals. But Derek opens our eyes in his reasoning for stopping this, and replacing it with something much more powerful. So powerful that each day I try it and it works, I even tested it by not doing it on some days and my day was not nearly as half as productive as the days where I followed Derek’s philosophy. Derek Mills teaches you to have STANDARDS. And it’s this philosophy that has very much influenced my Life Coaching practice and I regularly mention his book and use some of his quotes (with credit) to my clients.


All I can say is read this book, get it, read it. And I’m going to leave the last words to Derek himself;




(Be all you can be) 





You can order this book directly from Hay House

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