30 Days of Gratitude ~ Days 6-10



A busy week at work and issues with my internet server has meant that my plan of posting daily hasn’t quite worked out, but that’s OK because I can now timetable my schedule for next week to ensure that each day there is a blog post here. Success is achieved through trial and error. 

So, I will write my posts for days 6 – 9 here. So here we go; 

Tuesday November 6th 

On Tuesday I was so grateful for the inner feeling of being “settled”. Feeling settled and at peace in your life has a tremendous effect upon the rest of your life. If you think of each aspect of your life being a domino and as one is flicked it falls into the next one and the next and the next and so on. If you find that one aspect of your life is not really working, take the time to sit and really scrutinize every aspect of that area in your life. List the things you’re happy with, list the issues that cause an unease within. Focus on finding true inner happiness and being happy exactly as you are and it will eventually become the norm for you. 

So I feel so much gratitude for the inner peace I feel when I focus on how settled I am with who I am. 


Wednesday November 7th 

Wednesday brought to my attention just how lucky we are with all the wonderful connections we share with each other. I suppose part of this gratitude post could tie in with being thankful for the friends you have. Even though I’ve already expressed my thanks for my friends, it’s OK to express them again, with a twist. 

We go through our lives sometimes thinking that we are alone, that we have no one to turn to, or that help is indeed very far away. I used to think that. I’ve realised that we ALWAYS have the choice to allow the right people into our lives, and therefore we ALWAYS have the right people in our lives at the right time if we allow them to be. 

Spend a few moments and think about all the wonderful people you know, either personally, through a friend perhaps, maybe you connect via social media… the list is endless. Maybe you can even draw a web with you in the middle and list all those people, all those connections you have with helpful people around you. They can be lawyers, accountants, doctors, therapists, teachers, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, nurses, wedding planners, florists, Police Officers,  etc… Do you see? Your web of connections means you are in a safe place with lots of helpful people around you. 

So, “I am so grateful to all the helpful people in my life.” 


Thursday November 8th 

Thursday I learnt what compassion and trust can do for you, when a very close friend of mine and someone whom I adore opened up to me about the concerns and issues he was facing. It was very hard for him to do that, but something inside him knew he needed to tell someone, he needed to feel safe, and that someone he trusted happened to be me. I then had to reach inside of me and be the most compassionate person I’ve ever had to be. I wondered that night how I managed to stay so calm for him, and so comforting, but the answer is because I knew and I know that ALL IS WELL. 

Think about how you could become more trusting of others, or perhaps how you can radiate an energy from you that allows others to trust you. Also, think about how you can be more compassionate. 

“I am so eternally grateful that I am a compassionate and trustworthy person, and I am grateful that people around me trust me so much they are able to share their concerns with me, allowing me to help them. Thank you.” 


Friday November 9th 

Friday, I was so grateful for all the wonderful books I receive from book publishers for me to review on my blog. I happen to be in a position that allows me to read books on a variety of spiritual topics including angels, faeries, success, coaching and self-help for publishers such as Random House and Hay House. Not only does my reading of them inspire me to be the best life coach I can be, but they also inspire me to become a more empowered person and to stand in my own power. 

I love being able to share my opinion on the many books out there and reviewing so many wonderful books allows me to know which book is best for each of my clients who come to me for life coaching. I am able to pinpoint sections of certain books that will help so many people and for this I am grateful to the authors. 

“I am very grateful to the publishers who send me wonderful new and upcoming books by inspiring authors that will help not only my clients but also my blog followers. I am also eternally grateful to the authors who spend the time and energy to put pen to paper to produce such wonderful and inspiring words that change millions of people’s lives daily”. 


Saturday November 10th

Today I am so grateful that I have direction in my life and I know exactly where I’m going. I love that I have passion for what I do and love what I do. Each day brings new learning, new inspirations, and a fresh perspective. 

I didn’t always have such a clear pathway set before me or indeed believe that it was possible. Like many of you who are reading this blog I felt lost at times and uninspired. I always had some kind of idea of where I wanted to be and go, but had no idea how to get there. I wanted someone to come along and give me a step-by-step guide to getting there. But I learnt the most important lesson of my life quite early on I would say, I just had trouble putting it into action. The way forward towards your dreams is mapped out by you and only you! You hold the key to your destiny.

Now I use everything I’ve learnt, and everything I’m learning along with my own Celestial perspective and help others raise their standards and make the decision to change their lives. 

 I thank Derek Mills, the Standards Guy for helping me realise that my having standards in my life is a super good thing and something I should have never stopped having in the hope to be who everyone else wanted me to be


“Today I am grateful for the clarity in my life, and the strength I have to Be All I Can Be. I thank Derek Mills for his amazing work and energy.” 


What are you grateful for? 


Much Love and Gratitude




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