30 Days of Gratitude ~ Day 5 (November 5th)

Today’s gratitude is dedicated to my many friends. 


I really am so massively blessed to have the friends that I do. I feel so much love for them and thank each and everyone of them for everything they do for me. Thank you everyone x 

There is a saying that “in times of hardship and despair, you find out who your true friends are”. 

I’ve never really understood that saying as deeply as I do now. We all endure times of hardship, pain and heartbreak that causes us inner and outer turmoil, and we life coaches are no different. We are all human and we experience human situations, feelings and emotions. What counts is how we deal with them.

The way in which we deal with them is what counts.

The people who surround us impact upon our lives much more than many of us realise. Take for example the situation you find yourself in and you truly feel alone, ashamed, embarrassed perhaps or down right silly. You feel like you can’t talk to anyone and then you have a choice to make. Do you tell people and discuss with them, or do you keep it bottled up inside and vow to get through it all alone? If you’re anything like me, you would do the latter falsely thinking that it would make you seem weak and useless if you were to ask for help.

WRONG!!!!  Don’t do it that way! Don’t be like the OLD me. Do it the clever way, do it the FRIENDLY way!

When I let my friends in, I was surprised and shocked in the most pleasant way. Not only did I feel loved, but I felt supported and strengthened to work through my situation and come out on top shining. The best friends we have never judge us, never say “I told you so”, and they never put you down.

They go the extra M.I.L.E for us and with us. What they do is in fact MOTIVATE us, INSPIRE us, LOVE us and ENERGIZE us.

So, to all my friends out there, I LOVE YOU all so much, and I thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me, all the love, support, motivation, inspiration and energy! 

Who are you grateful to today? Have you told them just how much they mean to you?

What are you waiting for? Tell them NOW!!!

With Love,



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